THacks 2 is Toronto's premier hackathon for learning, building and innovation. Held at the University of Toronto's Sandford Fleming Building and Galbraith Building, the event features a jam-packed, 24-hour lineup of workshops, speakers and competition. At the end of weekend, teams of hackers will pitch their projects and compete for incredible prizes. With food, friends, and fun (did we mention free entry?) - THacks 2 is the hackathon you won't want to miss!

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$16,810 in prizes

1st Place

$1000 cash prize + 4 Hack the North 2018 Tickets + 4 Muse Headbands + 4 $500 Indico credits + 4 EZ Mugs + 4 Brain Power Certificates

2nd Place

$500 cash prize + 4 Hack the North 2018 Tickets + 4 $250 Indico credits + 2 EZ mugs + 4 Brain Power Certificates + Cases of Soylent

3rd Place

$250 cash prize + 4 Hack the North 2018 Tickets + 4 $100 Indico credits + 1 EZ Mug + 4 Brain Power Certificates

Most Disruptive Hack

1 VIP Ticket: TechFest 2018 (provided by dHack)

Best Pitch

2 Spots in CNTech Pitch Challenge ( (provided by dHack)

Best Solo Hack

One Syma Drone

Best Hardware Hack

DJI Mavic Pro (provided by dHack)

Meridian's Best Financial Hack

4 $100 Meridian Savings Voucher

Liovena's Best Environmental Hack

4 bottles of Liovena organic essential oil & a hand soap

Best Transportation Hack

2 TrainHacks2018 tickets (provided by dHack)

Github's Best Developer Tool

4 Github Octocat Plushies

Best Data Science Hack

Google Pixel XL 2 + Google Daydream + Pixelbuds (provided by dHack)

Indico's Best Machine Learning Hack

4 $500 Indico credits

House of VR's Best AR/VR Hack

4 30-minute House of VR sessions

Abocado's Best Fashion Hack

$150 Abocado store credit

RBC's #FutureMaker's Award for the Most Innovative Solution

RBC presents the #FutureMaker's Award for the Most Innovative Solution!

Criteria: Build an innovative, out of box and working solution that integrates the use of API.

 (30%) Innovation – Is the idea innovative? Original? Unique? Creative?

 (30%) Does the idea creatively incorporate the usage of API to solve the problem or make a process more efficient?

 (20%) Problem Solving – How well does the proposed solution answer the proposed problem? Is the insight based on strong research?

 (10%) Compelling – Is the idea and presentation compelling?

 (10%) Viability – Could the idea actually be implemented at in real life?

RBC Branded Everlane’s Backpacks for the winning team
FutureMaker’s Technical Experience Day
Get a chance to experience a day at RBC with our exciting Innovation, Digital and Intrapreneurship Team
RBC Swag Bag

Best .tech Domain Hack

$250 Amazon Gift Vouchers

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Register today at Registration will close in late September.


An awesome panel of judges

An awesome panel of judges

Judging Criteria

  • Practicality (25%)
    Does the hack successfully solve a problem? Is the hack convenient to operate?
  • Originality (25%)
    How original and unique is the hack? Is the hack innovative, or does it at least provide a new approach for existing problems?
  • Technical Difficulty (20%)
    Does the hack have a certain extent of technical complexity? Does the team overcome some technical challenges? Can all parts of the program work together correctly?
  • Design (15%)
    Is the user interface clean and attractive? Does the hack provide a seamless user experience?
  • Demo (15%)
    Does the team explain their targeting problem and their solution in a clear manner?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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